#VinceGAtTheMovies:”Extra Service”: Extra Review!!

So my first review for 2017 will be The action comedy film that will open 2017 with a bang from Star Cinema “Extra Service” Staring: Arci Muñoz, Coleen Garcia, Jessy Mendiola together with Ejay Falcon, Enzo Pineda, Vin Abrenica and many more! Here’s my review and summary with photo on top:

Summary: 3 female ex-convicts turned masseuse by day and secret agents by night Aurora aka Agent “Aw” Kapitana(Arci Muñoz), Emerald aka Agent “Em” Maldita(Coleen Garcia) and Genevieve aka Agent “Gee” Henya(Jessy Mendiola) are going through a mission after Gee recieved a their mission from her costumer Larry(Enzo Pineda) which is to get the 3 stolen pearls called “The Perlas ng Silangan” they had no choice is to accept the mission other wise the will be back to prison and this is where their mission and action packed adventure begins 

Review: The film was an EXTRA Awesome, EXTRA Adventurous, EXTRA Hilarious, EXTRA Action Packed and EXTRA One of a kind action Comedy Film from start to finish! It was one of a kind and explosive! The action and fight scenes were action packed, powerful, intense, and awesome! The trio collabortion of Arci Muñoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola was great and they did great in this film as Aw/ Agent Kapitana(played by Arci), Em/Agent Maldita(played by Coleen) and Gee/Agent Henya and i saw that they can really do an action and fierce role like this in a film and their roles fits and we’re effective to them aside from another genre they’re doing and they have also great chemistry with their leading men Ejay Falcon(paired to Arci), Vin Abrenica(paired to Coleen) and Enzo Pineda(paired to Jessy)! The costumes, intro and visual effects were stunningly amazing! The cast collaboration, acting and cinematography was perfect! This is my fave and best from the great Direk Chris Martinez next to Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank series, Kimmy Dora Series, The Gifted, Status Its Complicated, I Do Bidoo Bidoo(his directorial musical film) and Here Comes The Bride and this is his 2nd action comedy film after “Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel” and he also nailed it again as well as the action comedy writer( fresh from his previous action comedy film he wrote “The Super Parental Guardians”) The great Alpha Habon!  Kudos to Star Cinema, Action Comedy writer the great Alpha Habon and Blockbuster director the great and the genius Chris Martinez for another awesome action comedy movie! This is a must see action comedy film that will open the year with a bang and EXTRA Awesomeness! Extra Service is showing in cinemas nationwide and Rated PG by the MTRCB! PLEASE inform everyone that dont leave the cinemas yet during the credits for a suprise mid-credit scene!! 

Vince G’s Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(5 Stars)


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