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#VinceGAtTheEvents:Fair Week: “Kabihasnan 2017 at La Salle Green Hills”

Next is Last Saturday’s Kabihasnan 2017(Day 2) at La Salle Green Hills( February 18 2017 ) it was so good to be back home together with my friends(Batch 2015 Batchmates) to the place where we started which is of course La Salle Green Hills! Here are my moments at last Saturday’s Kabihasnan 2017: 

Enjoyed Kabihasnan 2017 together with the two Programs: the hilarious lipsync contest “Two Lips” at afternoon(ticket not in the pic) and the Fashion Variety Show “1959” at Night!

Great day view at LSGH

When (we) Batch 2015 visits home at LSGH! 

The whole Brother Donato Center aka BDC had lots of laughter with the Hilarious Lipsync Contest “Two Lips”!
Someone paired me to this beautiful girl named Zoe at the Blind Date Booth! It was nice to meet and know her and she’s one of the new people that i’ve met

We also reunited with our teachers  mentors and more like Sir Jamby (photo below), Principal Mr Ramelle(photo above) and many more!

Great night views of LSGH! 

At “1959: Fashion Variety Show” at St Benilde Gym”!

“1959: Fasion Variety Show” features the categories Street Style, Women, Valentines and more! 

Trivia about the title of the fashion variety show: Did you know that 1959 was the year that La Salle Green Hills was established and this year it will turn 58 years!


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