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#VinceGXArtHubMNL and #VinceGAtTheArts: ART HUB MNL’s Basic Calligraphy Day 1: with Pointed Pen and Day 2: Brush 

Our first feature for #VinceGAtTheArts and #VinceGXARTHUBMNL will be last weekend’s ART HUB MNL’s 1st art workshop for 2017 Basic Calligraphy Class by Bem Zenit! ART HUB MNL started 2017 with latest creative way in weekend art via “Basic Calligraphy Class” by the one of the great Bem Zenit held last January 14(Saturday) for Basic Calligraphy Pointed Pen at Tweedle Book Cafe in Quezon City and January 15(Sunday) for Basic Brush Calligraphy at Makati Plaza Cafe and this is the 2nd weekend batch after the 1st batch last December! 2017 opened with successful art weekend! A little trivia about ART HUB MNL: ART HUB MNL was founded by my cousin Jazmine De Luna and freelance artist and her friend Jaime “Mimi” Sarmiento and started in June 2016! Here are the photos of last weekends batch 2 of Basic Calligraphy Class days 1 and 2:

Day 1:

This is Bem Zenit, one of the great Calligraphy Artist and the teacher in Calligraphy Class (photo credits to ART HUB MNL fan page)

Here’s the Saturday Batch 1 class pic with my cousin/one of the founders of ART HUB MNL Ate Jazmine Torralba De Luna and Calligraphy Class teacher Bem Zenit:And Batch 2: Brush Calligraphy at Makati Plaza Cafe(Jan. 15):

Thank you So much for those whi attended the class last weekend and Bem Zenit for another successful Weekend Batch 2 classes!

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